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Jonathan West's profile

Jonathan is a pharmacovigilance professional with extensive business development and strategy experience. His pharmacovigilance career began in 1999 following academia. He spent 18 months in big pharma drug safety, followed by a further 8 years in a large CRO where he became a QPPV and PV Consultant. Jonathan left this position in 2008 to set-up a pharmacovigilance services provider (first employee) which, when he left 4 years later, had grown to over 60 FTEs. Jonathan incorporated Pharmacovigilance Services Ltd in April 2013.

Jonathan has been a QPPV since 2007 and has been inspected by the MHRA twice as well as Health Canada. He has also set up multiple PV systems covering global geography, and conducted dozens of PV audits across 4 continents. Jonathan has an in depth knowledge of pharmacovigilance and significant experience in its application.

Jonathan has also been involved in the commercialisation of pharmacovigilance for the majority of his career and has held the positions of Business Director and Commercial Director; he knows the commercial value of all outsourced PV activity.

About PhV Services

Jonathan West set up Pharmacovigilance Services Limited in April 2013 to provide affordable pharmacovigilance to small and medium sized pharma companies. PhV Services has been trading profitably since its incorporation and carries no debts or external backers. PhV Services client list includes established pharma companies, start-ups, and PV service providers.

Services are provided by Jonathan West himself as well as his network of PV professionals. Services include QPPV, PV auditing, Placement of interim PV management staff, PV System development (including SOP, PSMF and SDEA development), and full service pharmacovigilance (complete outsourcing of all PV activity).

Please call +44 (0)1363 775981, email or click to discuss your requirements.